Friday, September 27, 2013

One Precious Day

Many of you know that I got divorced last year. One of the catalysts that brought about my decision was my ex forcing us to move from Indiana, a place I loved near my family, back to Arizona, a place I loathe near his family.  One of my favorite things about Indiana was the Farmer's Market every weekend. The produce was fresh and so delicious. I adored going downtown, strolling between the shops, talking to the people who grew the food about the best way to prepare each fruit and vegetable. It felt so good to feed my kids fresh, safe, delicious food. 

When we moved back to AZ, I drove a half-hour to go to a Farmer's Market here. The prices were outrageous and the produce was sub-par. I knew it had to be transported many miles to get there, and it showed. I gave up ever being able to replicate Indiana.  I have spent the past 18 months missing the all-natural delights that come from living in farm country.

Imagine my joy when I discovered that there was an apple orchard an hour away that allowed the public to come and pick apples one day a year, and it happened to fall on a weekend I had the kids and the money to go. It was the first road trip I have taken the kids on in 3 years. The first since all three could read, and hold their pee until the next exit. What bliss. Check out our great time:

My son was so happy to be "in charge" of Sparky. Sparky loved his first trip to the wild.

My oldest stayed off of her phone and was a part of the family the whole time!

My middle sweetheart said I was the best Mommy ever

Here I am, 21 pounds lighter than the last time you saw me. Yay apples!

I never thought I could have this experience again. I love my life. Namaste.

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